JUNEAU – The Alaska House has passed House Bill 3, which reaffirms the state’s commitment to recognizing gold and silver as legal tender for debt payment. This legislation aligns with the United States Constitution and supports the use of gold and silver specie as legal tender.

The bill sponsor, Representative Kevin McCabe (R-Big Lake), stated, “This bill ensures the rights of Alaskans are protected by recognizing gold and silver as legal tender. It preserves the economic security, safety, health, and welfare of the people of Alaska”.

Representative McCabe further emphasized, “HB 3 is a critical step in securing our state’s economic future and protecting the rights of our citizens under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution”.

The legislation reinforces individual rights secured under the United States Constitution to use gold and silver in payment of debt, subject to agreement by the merchant or payee. HB 3 is a common-sense solution that protects Alaskans’ financial well-being and preserves the state’s economic security, safety, health, and welfare. The bill now moves to the Senate.