JUNEAU – The Alaska House Majority responded to Governor Mike Dunleavy’s recent budget vetoes, which include reductions of 202 million dollars of Undesignated General Funds (UGF): 145 million in operating funds, and 56 million in Capital projects. Members of the House Majority acknowledged the challenges faced by the Governor and appreciate his thorough scrutiny of the budget. Caucus members were encouraged by his commitment to engage in further discussions on the needs of our education system in Alaska.

Governor Dunleavy’s decision to reduce education funding by 50% to the Base Student Allocation will lead to a one-time increase of approximately $340 per student which is an increase from last year of approximately 30 million dollars. Caucus members share the Governor’s dedication to addressing fiscal constraints while providing critical support to our students. The Caucus’s commitment to ensuring a thriving education system in Alaska remains unwavering, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with all stakeholders to explore sustained funding opportunities and improvements.

House Speaker Cathy Tilton (R- Wasilla) commented, “It is important to adequately fund education and it is equally important to ensure those dollars are being used most effectively in the classroom, I believe the Governor’s vetoes reflect that balance and the necessity of fiscal responsibility. The Alaska House Majority remains committed to working to address the ongoing needs of our education system and advocate for sustainable funding solutions.”

The University of Alaska System capital projects will experience reductions of approximately 36.7 million. However, it is worth noting that crucial initiatives such as UAF Roof repairs, UAA Library funds, and the UAF Drone program have been retained in the budget. These projects play a pivotal role in maintaining excellence within our higher education institutions. The FY 23 budget contains increases to the Department of Public Safety, Department of Corrections, and the Court system. As well as retaining critical infrastructure projects and economic development.

As representatives of the Alaskan people, the Alaska House Majority remains resolute in our dedication to good governance, a strong state economy, better infrastructure, quality education, and robust public safety. We are determined to work alongside Governor Dunleavy and his administration as well as our colleagues in the Alaska Legislature, seeking common ground and developing solutions that will benefit all Alaskans.